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by Roma Bratt
I joined the UDM faculty in the fall of 2008, charged with the task of getting the School Psychology
program NASP approved.  No program better embodies the UDM mission of service and integrity. I hold my students to very high standards in terms of character and performance.  A passionate child advocate, I believe there is no greater service than to protect and nurture our children.

A native of Arkansas, I earned a bachelor's in music education from Henderson State University and a Master's in school counseling from Southern Arkansas University.  I obtained my PhD in school psychology from the University of Cincinnati.  I spent 17 years working in the public schools of Arkansas, Texas, and Kentucky before becoming a school psychology trainer.

 I have a teenage daughter, a professor husband, and three dogs. We live in Toledo in a house that is in a perpetual state of renovation. I also have an adult-ish stepdaughter who lives in Florida and doesn't visit her WSM (wicked stepmother) enough.  When I'm not doing school psychology things, I'm usually building sets for my daughter's plays, or training my dogs, or, occasionally, participating in a community theatre production.